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If you are a Telus customer you may be experiencing problems accessing the IPSC AB website.  It turns out that this is a Telus issue and not an issue from our host and service provider, Blue Ocean. If you are a telus customer with connectivity issues, then you'll need to contact Telus for resolution.  No other ISP is having issues (Shaw, Rogers, etc ...)
Hey folks.  The "Resources" section of the website now has ALL the updated and current IPSC and IROA Rulebooks, manuals and guides.
IPSC Alberta has moved foward and we are now using "Practiscore" for match registration (see the match registration forum for discussion). Before the match season starts, it is HIGHLY recommended that you visit the Practiscore website and build yourself a profile for use in match registrations.  Fergus has made a downloadable "how to" in the forum thread.

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