A "First Person View"

Never shot IPSC before?
Want to know what it looks like in "First Person View"?

Here's an example of a competitor with an Open Division Gun shooting an IPSC course of fire:














Some IPSC Highlight Videos from YouTube 

Check out some of the IPSC action videos on YouTube

These official IPSC videos have been uploaded by IPSC World and they highlight the dynamic action of this exciting sport. Subscribe to the IPSCWorld TV channel on YouTube and keep track of highlights from major IPSC competitions.


IPSC World Shoot XVI - 2011
Rhodes, Greece
YouTube compilation videos of some top, world class shooters


What is the USPSA? 

IPSC shooters often ask "What is the USPSA?"
Due to our close proximity to the US border, there are many IPSC Alberta competitors who are also USPSA members and who routinely travel south (fly or drive) to compete in USPSA matches (especially during the cold Canadian winter months).
Well, here is the USPSA official introductory video on YouTube. Check it out:














Training Videos from Top Shooters 

Educational and training vieos
For IPSC (or USPSA, regardless) there are numerous educational videos that highlight tips and techniques for improvement in shooting and competing in this sport. The training and instructional videos are offered by top instructors. Here are some examples on YouTube from Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida featuring Shannon Smith.

Proper Grip
Movement Techniques
Reloading (Shannon Smith)
Reloading with speed (Manny Bragg)
Transitions and speed (Max Michel) 

While you are on YouTube, search for videos featuring practical shooting instruction from such top shooters as:

  • Todd Jarret
  • Saul Kirsch (Subscribe to his “Double Alpha” channel)
  • David Sevigny (Subscribe to Sevigny Performance)
  • Max Michel
  • Eric Grauffel (Subscribe to Armscor precision)
  • Rob Leatham
  • Julie Golob
  • Ben Stoeger
  • Jessie Duff

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