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There are currently TWO classification systems being utilized by IPSC Alberta.

The first “classification” system governs your ranking within your declared division within Alberta. As a member of IPSC Alberta (and as an IPSC Alberta website user) you will create your own “IPSC Alberta Alias”. This “alias” will be used by you for log-in on the website, and also as your alias for IPSC Alberta sanctioned matches. This provincial classification alias and process is mandatory for all IPSC Alberta shooters.

The IPSC Alberta Classification Process is outlined in the following document: IPSC Alberta Classification Process.

The second “classification” system is the ICS Classification System and it is used to rank you amongst all IPSC shooters internationally throughout all the world IPSC regions and also nationally within Canada. This particular system is NOT mandatory for the IPSC Alberta competitor. It runs separate from your IPSC Alberta alias and ranking. It is entirely voluntary and separate from the IPSC Alberta ranking and classification system.

The ICS system runs as follows:


The primary reason for the development of the IPSC Classification System (ICS), was the member demand for a national and international ranking system that provides a vehicle for true peer-to-peer recognition.


ICS is a dynamic system meaning competitor classifications will move up or down based on their performance. Classifications are calculated by Division. Competitors will need to submit scores for each Division in which they wish to be classified.

Classifier Stage results are calculated by comparing a competitor's Classifier Stage hit factor to the highest hit factors for that Classifier Stage. The competitor's Classifier Stage results will be their hit factor divided by the top average hit factor for that stage.

As ICS develops and the best competitors record their scores, the class percentages will better reflect a competitor's performance. This will accurately exhibit improvements in both equipment and technique as the sport evolves.

Classifier Matches will be recorded as shown in the Division results.

A competitor can achieve initial classification with 4 scores. Following this, the classification will be based on the average of the best 4 scores of the most recent 8 classification records submitted.

In order to maintain their Classification, competitors must keep current IPSC membership and submit scores for a minimum of two Classification Stages or one Classifier Match each calendar year.

Competitors may be removed from the ICS system at the end of the second consecutive year where no scores are submitted.

Classification Breaks

Class Breaks
Grand Master 95% to 100%
Master 85% to 94.999%
A 75% to 84.999%
B 60% to 74.999%
C 40% to 59.999%
D 39.999% and below


The fee for processing of ICS classifier stages or matches for your ICS ranking has been waived. It is now free.


You can review your classification by clicking on the link provided on the IPSC.org website


The IPSC Classification System (ICS) requires participating competitors to be current IPSC competitors and to have an IPSC Alias (this is entirely separate from your IPSC Alberta Alias, although you may use the same alias if it is available in the international system). Your IPSC Alias is like a nickname that is used to uniquely identify you to the Classification System. For example:

  • QuickDraw
  • TopGun
  • Colt45

It is important that you always submit your Alias at the time of match registration.

Use your IPSC Alias to see your match history and classification online.

Note, everyone needs only one alias, no matter how many Divisions you intend to compete in.

There is no charge for registering your alias.

Create and register your ICS Alias on the IPSC.org website.


ICS provides the mechanism to nationally and internationally classify IPSC members around the world. Competitors may compete in:

  • Classifier Stages only
  • Match containing Classifier Stages
  • Classifier Match


Currently there are 29 stages approved as Classifier Stages. You can find them here, where they may be downloaded and printed. These stages may be shot individually or as part of a match. The stage dimensions are provided. The stages must be constructed as shown and the stage instructions must be followed.


Classifier Match is a Level III match.

For a Division to qualify it must have at least 10 competitors.

The Division must have at least 30% of its competitors already classified.

Competitors must have an IPSC Alias and be flagged for classification in the match to have the overall match results count and their classification updated.


The WinMSS scoring system includes all the features and instructions to facilitate the electronic submission of Classification scores for both stages and matches to IPSC Headquarters.

Remember, you must have an IPSC Alias registered at IPSC Headquarters before you can have your scores entered. Your IPSC Alberta “stats crew” will handle submission of ICS scores.

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