Former IPSC Shooter?

Are you a “former IPSC shooter” and plan to return after an absence from IPSC competition to an active status in the sport? Or, are you a qualified IPSC shooter moving from another Canadian province and who is a new arrival to Alberta?

If you have already successfully taken the IPSC Black Badge course and competed at sanctioned IPSC matches in the past, but have been away from the sport for a while, then your first stop for questions on how to proceed and return to the sport here in Alberta should be with our Provincial Training Officer (PTO). Every individual circumstance is unique (time away from the sport, time since last match, time since Black Badge course, etc …) so we won’t go into details here.

The PTO can be contacted as follows:

Mr. Todd Ondrik

Forum Alias; TIMMY


Please provide the PTO with details of your previous experience and credentials.

The PTO will be able to advise you on the required process to requalify for IPSC competition in Alberta.

From all of us here in IPSC Alberta, welcome back to the sport!

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