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TOPIC: Edmonton Area?

Edmonton Area? 31 May 2018 10:35 #21366

  • BobbyPewPew
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This is off topic so mods please remove if inappropriate.

Likely moving to the Edmonton area for work this year.

Current renting a fancy city dwelling apartment (high rise tower) in the core of another Canadian city... however as much as I like the convenience my hobbies are focused towards the country lifestyle. I will have the opportunity to continue leasing or even buy a new place ($250K-$400K range)

I'm not sure if I want to continue to live in an urban center going forward but as I am single, in my late 30's and will be working near the Sherbrooke neighborhood I am looking for opinions as to where to consider moving to.

Most of my life is consumed with shooting and training, traveling nationally and internationally to compete in shooting sports, etc so proximity to work and a training range are important.

Of course the country lifestyle involves a commute and might be lonely or isolating after a while which is a consideration.

So the question is if you were me where would you consider moving to and why?

Traveling to a match outside Edmonton in 2 weeks and hoping to have the opportunity to look around, your input as like minded compassionate shooters is greatly appreciated!

See you all at IPSC AB Provincials!
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Edmonton Area? 02 Jun 2018 19:32 #21396

  • Camel
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You can go N,S,E or W from the Edmonton city center and find decent acreages in a wide price range. You would be getting an older fixer-upper in the price range you mentioned, but there are good ones to be found. And the farther you go out, the more house you can get for less money (as is common everywhere).

If you are focusing on shooting sports you may want to consider the eastern part of town as Pheonix gun range is on the east end of Edmonton, and Strathcona County also has a good outdoor shooting range. So there's options close by there.

G'luck in your search!
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