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TOPIC: JTT bullets

JTT bullets 19 Dec 2015 12:58 #14153

  • recon
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For your information as I could not add it to the commercial area.
Ian was nice enough to send me a few of his projectiles.
I tried 9mm and the .40 and was pleasantly pleased with how they looked and loaded nicely. The coating appears to be durable enough for loading. My hands were clean after the loading session. I used my same load data for some testing but have not had the chance to chrono them as to the snow in Yellowknife. For me I have to wait till end of May to test the last few I saved for the chrono.

The 9mm 147 shot very nicely out of my Glock 17 and 34. Clean up was no harder than usual with the plated type.
grouping appear to be similar as well with the minimal testing I did at 10 and 15 yards.

The .40 180 shot very nice as well no complaints. The shape of the bullet will be nice for the 2011 crowd, just the guys that load short 1.125 it will be on the edge of the shoulder profile. As tested in my Glock 35 .40 cal no issues all rounds feed and cycled perfectly.

I believe for the price point Ian has a real winner.
John Dzurka
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JTT bullets 19 Dec 2015 17:08 #14154

  • ivan
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I second John 's opinion of Ian's bullets. They are not just "good quality for the price", they are just good quality PERIOD.

I anticipate switching not only my practice loads, but my match loads as well to these new JTT bullets.
I'm very happy to that we have a new supplier of quality bullets located right here in the province and hope he's in business for years to come.

I encourage IPSC Alberta members to try these bullets and judge for yourself.

IPSC is a game of high-speed precision. If you don't precisely plan what you want to happen, there's not much chance that it will. - Brian Enos
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JTT Projectiles 20 Dec 2015 08:49 #14156

  • Fergus
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Ian was kind enough to give me a sampler of these projectiles to try. In terms of a mini-review here are my observations:

First thing I did was weigh up 75 of the 180gr projectiles. The weight varied from 178.8 to 181gr [95%] with a average weight of 179.9gr. The variability is a little more than the Berry's 180gr that I cross-checked against.

Running them through the Chrono using my "standard" recipe [powder and COL] I found that the velocity was on average 50fps higher. I'm going to attribute the higher velocity to the lower cross-sectional area of the projectile nose than the flat nose Berry's and being slightly longer in length there is a little less void volume in the casing itself - my best guess.

Next was some group shooting done freestyle at 25meters. I couldn't discern any difference in the groups between the coated projectiles and my other practice and match ammo.

I would use these projectiles for practicing and possibly for match ammo. The caveat for using as match ammo is working up a load based on a slightly lower projectile weight of 179.7gr; just so I'd be comfortable with making my PF.

If your plan isn't working, change the plan not the goal
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JTT bullets 20 Dec 2015 16:11 #14160

  • Trenton
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A little bit back, I was able to train with the new JTT 147gr 9mm projectiles. Obviously the price is good, but I found them to just be a good projectile period. They were easy to load, a little more flare on the case so as to not scratch the coating was needed. Otherwise everything else was the same as how I load plated projectiles.

I did not get a chance to chrono them but in training I found them to shoot well. Grouping/accuracy tests showed similar results to Berry's plated projectiles.

I did not find any negatives and they worked well for me.
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JTT bullets 01 Jan 2016 06:06 #14195

  • Kenjuudo
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Just picked up 3 boxes of the .40 180's tonight... seriously looking forward to working up a load...!!!
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JTT bullets 22 Jan 2016 05:51 #14500

  • TGT40
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I've tried some of these out too and yep, I like 'em in my super. I'll try again with the .40 once my mags come back from Tripp (long story - not that long I guess but that's a tale for another day)

So, here's what I think:
I like the looks. Gold is a good choice although RIder Green would have been SO much better. :evil: The finish is good, weights and measures are excellent:
Weight OAL OAD
123.1 0.560 0.357
123.2 0.560 0.357
123.7 0.560 0.356
123.8 0.563 0.356
123.8 0.563 0.356
123.8 0.563 0.356
123.9 0.563 0.356
123.9 0.563 0.356
123.9 0.563 0.356
124.1 0.563 0.357

Weight Length Diameter
Data range 123.1-124.1 Data range .560-.564 d Data range .560-.564

Weight Length Diameter
Mean 123.7 Mean 0.56 Mean 0.356
median 123.8 Median 0.56 Median 0.356
Mode 123.9 Mode 0.56 Mode 0.356

Dimensionally these are superb as you can see: (Disclaimer, I'm old, shaky and with bad eyes - measure some up yourself but i'm pretty confident you'll like the results)

They loaded up with no issues - Ian advised me to flare a bit extra than for a jacketed bullet but other than that there's no difference. I also lightened up the crimp a titch (sorry for the technical terms, pm me and I'll fill you in on the specifics). I've yet to chrono but I don't expect any issues.

There is a bit more smoke as I expected but it wasn't punishing indoors at TSE. More testing is required but I don't see it as a game changer and it certainly won't be an issue outdoors. They also feel a bit different. I can't put my finger on it, and it's not wrong or bad but I thought they were different.

Now that all the B.S. is aside what's really important is how they shoot. After fooling around a bit I got this 5 shot group at 15 yards. That's about as good as I can shoot and this was done with standard primers and garbage brass (mixed, cracked, missing head stamp - in short my match brass).

I'll buy some more and shoot them happily!
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JTT bullets 22 Jan 2016 08:27 #14501

  • pilgrim
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Thankn Ian for a chance to try the new bullets.

I did not go that deep in details as the other board members, but tried the new .40 cal bullets in my Edge and Trojan.
As Dave mentioned, the av velocity was higher then my standard load with TMJ bullets, but since a unique recipe has to be figured out for this bulle I dont see any problem here.
Great bullet and pleasure to work and shoot with.
Thanks Ian
Speed is Fine, Accuracy is Final!
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JTT bullets 22 Jan 2016 17:23 #14502

  • Handyguy
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So I finally got some loaded up in different configurations, and went to the range today. Brrrrrrrr. So different grains of powder and different OAL to ensure they would work and chrono at high enough power factor and work in the guns for function. As Konstantin said higher velocity across the board but still consistant.

All worked great and only at the longer OAL did I have any issues with function but my firearms like the shorter OAL.

I must say a good product and of the over 100 rounds chronoed all functioned and chrono'ed consistent . Great work Ian

Thanks, jim
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