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TOPIC: Leather Holster

Leather Holster 14 Feb 2016 07:07 #14711

  • Rob!
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As some of you know, I have a fondness for the 1911 and aspirations for Classic division. I'm also old enough to value something on the traditional side so cool stuff like porting, fibre optics and ti-ni are not on my list. On a related traditionalist note, I really wanted a leather holster - maybe for IPSC and maybe just because I wanted one. ;)

My search led me to IDFholsters.com who had very reasonably priced holsters for the 1911 (and others), but also offered black or brown leather and even a designated IPSC holster with a tension adjusting screw that could be adjusted depending on the needs of the stage. Did I mention even free shipping to Canada?

It was in-stock, so I ordered it on December 28th with a promise of a tracking email when it shipped. I followed up on January 6th and was told it would ship the next day. I followed up on January 20th and was told it would ship the next day. I followed up on January 26th and was told it would ship the next day - each time with the promise of the tracking email. On January 29th, I gave up and cancelled the order. No response. On February 2nd, I asked for confirmation of the cancellation. No response. On February 4th, they processed the CC authorization but no shipping notice. Needless to say, my query went unanswered. On February 11th, the holster arrived in the mail. Customer service is not going to get high marks on this one I'm afraid - but lets check out the holster.

It is attractive (to me anyhow), small, lightweight but solid. Natural leather on the outside - suede inside. I was a little bummed because my STI Sentinel hasn't arrived yet and I wanted to try it out. Then I realized the transfer on the DLASK I'm returning for refund hasn't gone through yet so I pulled it out of the safe. I backed the adjusting screw all the way out. It still seemed a little tight, but hey, its leather and will likely loosen up a bit. There are two significant problems that arrive from this tightness though.

The first is that holstering the pistol even with a gentle push to seat it - cocks the action. Now, in condition one - cocked and locked, this is not a problem because the slide is locked and already cocked anyway. OK for LAMR. The problem I see is at HDAH. My understanding is that cocking in the holster would be a sure trip to the safety table with the RO and maybe a trip home.

The second problem is that there is no channel for the front sight.

This may be the bigger issue and not just because of drag / snag. Not only does it appear the lining and stitching are at risk but this would have to put unreasonable stress on the sight especially the (not as ordered) fibre front sight that came on the DLASK.

For now, the DLASK is back in the safe waiting for the transfer authorization and when the STI arrives, I'll try actually storing it in the holster for a while to see if it fits and if the ramped front sight fares better.

This holster still appeals to me, but it will not serve as is. Hope springs eternal. I've had several pairs of leather shoes that just got better with age. :)

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Leather Holster 14 Feb 2016 16:56 #14717

  • ralph
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The nature of the beast, leather vs Kydex, is that if a leather holster has enough tension to hold the gun in place, it will have enough tension on the slide to start to cock the action.

In cocked and locked this is not a problem. When holstering an empty 1911 you will need to get used to placing the thumb of your dominant hand on the back of the slide as you insert the gun in the holster. Keep enough pressure on the thumb on the back of the slide to keep the slide in the forward position.

This is perfectly normal with a leather holster.
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Leather Holster 14 Feb 2016 17:02 #14718

  • Rob!
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Years ago, while trying to cycle UP a mountain pass, a mentor (or was that tormentor?) told me "It's more technique than you'd think." You reinforce that today. :cheer:

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Leather Holster 15 Feb 2016 11:53 #14726

  • Rob!
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..... and as an aside, they have a President's Day Sale on today. Still free shipping plus 20% off all holsters. This holster was only $56 US in the first place and customs didn't snag it for GST, so about $45US delivered. I am neither recommending it nor suggesting avoidance. Review above pretty much covers it.
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Leather Holster 17 Feb 2016 23:17 #14754

  • SkytopBrewster
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If leather is your thing track down Dan Zimmer in Caroline. He is a master.
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Leather Holster 18 Feb 2016 08:15 #14755

  • Rob!
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Thanks Jason. I do like leather. The Front Line holster is definitely better with the STI, probably in large measure because of the ramped front sight. I have to admit though that my CZ comes out of it's kydex a whole lot faster and smoother.

It would be very satisfying to make leather work for me. Appreciate the contact.
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Leather Holster 21 Feb 2016 10:59 #14786

  • Rob!
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Well, the saga continues. Finally got around to putting this holster on my belt for some dry fire practice. Keep in mind this is specifically advertised as an IPSC holster.

I certainly don't have to worry about appendix E3b where the butt of the grip can't be below the belt, but this goes more than a little bit the other way. My armpit is getting in the way of my draw.

I should add that from looking at the DAA website and their PDR Beltride model, that this height may be even required for IDPA (maybe a concealment thing?) but it sure is harder to get at than my CZ in the blade tech holster, with the butt just above the belt line.

Please disregard my day-off frumpy fashion statement. :P
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