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TOPIC: DAA Shotac Shooting Vest

DAA Shotac Shooting Vest 15 Oct 2016 17:01 #17389

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Double Alpha Shotac Shooting Vest: www.doublealpha.biz/daa-shooting-vest

My skinny body frame does not have any "Natural body insulation" for those cold early morning match start times, so I'd wear 5 layers of shirts (one layer being a winter under-shirt), a fleece jacket and a winter coat. And I'd still be freezing cold as the layers could not retain body heat in my core. So, after 4 years of suffering I saw this product worn by a couple of our IPSC members and decided to give it a try.

I wore it for the first time this morning (yes, right at the close of the outdoor shooting season) at a Steel Challenge match here in Medicine Hat. Through the entire match there was a very strong unrelenting chilly wind and none of it drained the body heat from my core. This time I wore 3 shirts, the Shotac Vest, a fleece jacket and remained comfortably warm. Then I'd take off my fleece jacket to shoot. Now, steel challenge is static so I wasn't generating any extra body heat via movement as we normally do in IPSC, and yet I still retained consistent body heat.

The vest is best suited to be a snug fit. If you want to try mine for size it's a small. It worked well for the steel challenge draw, the handgun not being obstructed in any way. I haven't worn it during an IPSC match so I can't comment on that (maybe Jeremy will comment as he wore this product during a qualifier), although wearing it during dry fire was good, flexible, and comfortable on the skin of my neck. It is designed to be short at the waist so it doesn't interfere with reaching for your magazines. The vest does as the website describes. I'm happy with it.

I highly recommend trying it on for size and with your rig on, so you can correctly determine the size before you buy. It's important that you feel comfortable with the waist height of the vest so it doesn't obstruct your rig with mags and gun in place. And you don't want it riding up to your face in the middle of a CoF.

I, and Jeremy, purchased the vest from Jim and Tracy (A-Zone) for $120.00 incl. tax. I think they might have a couple in their trailer to try for size.
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DAA Shotac Shooting Vest 18 Oct 2016 13:17 #17391

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Following 2 weeks of binge watching "Narcos" on NetFlix ...... with plenty of Miss Vickie chips and beer, my brand new vest has actually shrunk ........... what the heck. I want my money back.
Is this thing on?
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DAA Shotac Shooting Vest 18 Oct 2016 14:10 #17393

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Yea , I think there will be a lot of that going on over the off season but not to worry you will be fit a s a fiddle come next spring I am sure. Can't tell you about the shrinkage though, never happens to me!
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